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You know they sparkle. You know they are every girl's best friend. But what makes diamonds so valuable? Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to mankind. That, along with their brilliance and fire, have made diamonds the quintessential symbol of timeless, enduring love.

The simplest of all the gemstones, diamond consists of 99.95% pure crystallized carbon. A diamond begins to crystallize far beneath the earth's surface among a mixture of liquids, gases, and crystals. Diamonds can, in fact, be from 1 to 3 billion years old--more than two-thirds the age of the earth itself.

In 1477 AD, Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy as a sign of their engagement. He put it on the third finger of her left hand, the finger believed by ancient Egyptians to have a vein that led directly to the heart. She accepted his proposal and the diamond engagement ring was born.






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